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Technics Speakers

The two Technics speakers, with grills on

The model SB-CR77 speakers, with the grills off. They were purchased from a local pawn shop at a discount since both tweeters were blown.

The tweeters, removed from each of the speakers

The replacement horn-type, Motorola tweeters. They were taken from the Kicker indoor subwoofer project since they were not being used in that speaker enclosure

The dimensions of the tweeters are measured out, and cutting lines are drawn onto each cabinet

All of the speakers are removed before the cutting begins. Each speaker wire is appropriately labeled with masking tape

First modification: mounting holes for the horn tweeters are cut out with a hand-saw. Sawdust is blown out with a hairdryer, and the cabinets are wiped down thoroughly

Second modification: silicone caulk is used to seal the inside of the cabinets. Unfortunately, there was only enough caulk to seal both of the back panels

The speakers are attached to their appropriate wires. Solder is applied to each wire junction to ensure a good connection

Each tweeter is screwed in place

The two finished speakers, attached to my Carver amplifier. The tweeters add a perfect amount of treble that doesn't sound tinny or overdone


Technics SB-CR77 speakers $40.00
Tweeters FREE
Caulk/tape/solder $3.00

Total $43.00