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Video Projector

A complete shot of the projector

A wider shot from the side

The duct-taped circuit board contains resistors for the 80mm fan and 60mm logic board heatsink/fan assembly

The screen is a 15" XGA desktop LCD. It was a broken model purchased from ebay

A shot from the side

The 80mm fan blows cold air over the LCD, keeping it cool

A close-up of the logic board. The main processor needed active cooling in order to keep the screen operating longer than 10 minutes, which was the problem that plagued the previous owner. I mounted a stock AMD cooler using Arctic Silver Thermal epoxy

A rear shot of the projector. The projector itself was being thrown out by my university despite no obvious flaws

Cable television (hard to capture with no flash)

The projector in the dark. It is displaying a PlayStation2 game

A close-up of the projector as FIFA is being played

FIFA on the big screen!


15" LCD Monitor $52.00
Projector FREE
80mm fan FREE
Thermal epoxy/tape $5.00

Total $57.00