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Digital Picture Frame

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The digital picture frame, with an 8.5" display running Windows XP Professional

A shot from the side. The unit can stand on its own or be hung on a wall

The disassembled laptop. It is a Sony ultra-portable sporting a 300MHz Pentium processor

Unnecessary components, such as the dead battery, keyboard, and monitor bezel are discarded

The LCD is placed on the photo matte insert. It is secured with painters tape

The rest of the laptop is flipped onto the back of the frame. It is glued with epoxy and secured with black duct tape. The stand insert is adhered to the laptop with epoxy as well

The cracks between the laptop and picture frame are sealed with silicone caulk

A MSI 802.11g wireless card is installed to enable network connectivity

The Pentium logo is attached to the installed wireless card

The Sony logo from the laptop's LCD bezel is stuck on the face of the picture frame

The digital picture frame booting up

Pictures are displayed randomly using an automatic screensaver. Photos can be added by any computer connecting to the frame via an Ad-hoc wireless connection

A shot of the final unit. The computer is operated by any kind of USB mouse (wired or wireless) and Window XP's on-screen keyboard


Laptop FREE
Picture frame $6.92
Photo matte insert $2.82
Wireless card $25.00
Epoxy/caulk/tape $5.00

Total $39.74