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Kicker Indoor Subwoofer

The two Kicker subwoofers, installed in a ported box

The SS120 unit includes both the subs and box

Each Kicker sub measures 12" in diameter and mounts with 4 wood screws

First modification: Two red cathode lights are installed over each subwoofer. Their sound-reactive inverter is designed for computer use, and runs off 12V. The inverter is installed inside the right hand speaker compartment, and the cathode wires are sleeved and routed to it

The Cadence car amplifier. It delivers 100 watts x 2 channels at 4 ohms, or can be bridged for 200 watts x 1 at 4 ohms. Its maximum current draw is 16A (as noted on the fuse)

A shot of the amp from the front. There is a high-mid-low pass filter as well as an optional bass boost switch

Second modification: A POWMAX Demon PSDE580 ATX 580W Power Supply is used to run the car amplifier indoors. The power supply is rated to deliver up to 24A at 12V, which is plenty to run the amp at max power. The power supply is wired for always-on mode by shorting the green "PWR ON" wire to any black "GROUND" wire. The PSU also powers the cathode lights, and produces an attractive red glow from its 120mm and 80mm fans

Another shot of the glowing power supply unit

A photo from the back. The pre-sleeved cables are held together with zip ties

The controller switch and knob for the cathode inverter are attached behind the PSU. They are powered using a standard Molex plug

The power supply is wired to the amp, and the amp is wired to the speakers. The amp connects to the PSU using a home-made male Molex connector

The amplifier is set to bridge the two speaker channels, and the subwoofers are wired in parallel to produce a 4 ohm load. The amp is set in always-on mode by connecting the "REMOTE" terminal to the "POWER" (+12V) terminal

Everything is connected and ready to go. The entire system is powers on using the toggle switch located on the PSU

The cathodes light up nicely

The cathodes with the lights off

The unit, from the front

The unit with the lights off

The subs wire nicely into any home audio application. They produce loud, rich bass that is unattainable from most home-theater style units. The cathodes synchronize with the music beats, and power on and off accordingly. The total effect is superb, and makes for great dorm room parties!


Subs and Amp $50.00
Power supply $36.98
Red cathodes $17.98
Speaker wire $12.99
Tape, Molex plug $2.00

Total $119.95