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JL Indoor Subwoofer 2

This is an indoor conversion project for a brand new JL rig belonging to my good friend Tom Gentis

The box was custom built at Tweeter and accommodates 2 new JL 10w3v3 subwoofers

First modification: Like the previous subwoofer projects, the first step is to mod the power supply. This single OCZ 600w unit is equipped with four +12V rails, each capable of delivering 18A

The supply is opened and the cables are sorted

A shot from the top

Each +12V wire is in a yellow jacket, with each of the four rails being designated by a different colored strip. Because only 10-12 wires can fit in the amp power terminal, the unnecessary ones are clipped off. This leaves 2-3 wires per 12V rail, with their combined output reaching 72A

10-12 ground wires are tied together with the green POWER_ON wire. The remaining wires are cut off. The ground and +12V wires are sleeved neatly to be connected to the amp

Silicon caulk is used to seal off the cut wires to prevent any shorts

Second modification: The supply and amp are arranged onto a carpeted 13"x 23" board that matches the enclosure. The amp is a new Alpine MRP-650 capable of delivering 600W RMS at 2 ohms. It has two 30A fuses, so the power supply is not at risk

The ground and +12V wires are connected to the amp. A small wire shorts the REMOTE_ON and +12V terminals, allowing the amp to power up whenever the power supply is switched on

Third modification: Two blue cathode lamps are to be installed around the amp

I decided to replace the off-white wires coming from the cathodes with less conspicuous black ones

The 12V cathode inverter is sandwiched between the power supply and the amp. It is wired to the power terminals on the amp

The rig is switched on for the first time. WOW! The cathodes glow brightly, and even the blue LEDs in the power supply light up

The system with the lights off

The control board next to the subs. The amp is securely screwed in place, while the power supply and inverter are attached using velcro

The speaker wire stays screwed into the amp and is terminated with banana plugs. There is practically zero setup time since the banana plug connects straight into the sub, and everything is pre-wired already on the control board

The subs on with the lights off

The completed project. The woofers sound incredible, and the blue glow looks great in a deejay booth. Tom and I are very pleased!


2x JL 10w3v3 subs $350.00
Custom box $225.00
Carpeted board $20.00
600W power supply $110.00
Alpine amplifier $200.00
Cathode light kit $10.00

Total $915.00