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Modified iPod Color

My 20GB 4G iPod and a broken 20GB 4G iPod Color. The iPod Color has a broken hard drive, but a functional screen and mainboard. The only drawback to swapping hard drives is that the iPod Color has a noticeably thicker case. The goal of this project is to squeeze a 20GB iPod Color into my thinner 4G iPod's case.

Both hard drives are the same dimensions. The main difference between the iPods is that the Color has a slightly thicker color screen with different notches in the plastic.

In order to use the plastic casing from my iPod, the plastic notches that held the monochrome screen in place had to be cut away to accommodate the color screen. The ribbon connector for the clickwheel is the same for both iPods, so they are interchangeable.

My iPod case, with the iPod Color's PCB and screen installed. After removing some of the plastic backing from the color screen, it is only slightly thicker than the old screen was. The audio ribbon connectors for the two iPods were different, so they had to be swapped. The iPod Color's audio PCB fits into the thinner iPod's metal shell.

The completed modification. The iPod is completely sealed in the tighter case, and thankfully the hard drive was not damaged in the process.

A side-by-side comparison of the two iPods. The newly modified 20GB iPod Color (left) is just as thin as the monochrome 20GB 4G iPod was.


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