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Carver TFM-15CB Amplifier

The Carver TFM-15CB amp, as listed on Ebay. The seller described it as follows: “Missing power button, unable to test. Sold as is for parts or repair, no returns.” I won the bid for $111.00 shipped.

Inside the amp. I was a bit surprised to see a lot of water damage and rust around the PCB and chassis.

The steel chassis was spotted with rust. I cleaned it and the PCBs out with some rubbing alcohol.

The most damaged part inside the amp was the meter drive PCB. One of the 22k ohm resistors had completely oxidized off. Also, a variable resistor had to be replaced, as it had oxidized heavily.

Some of the bad parts. One of the power diodes had shorted, so it was replaced with parts from a broken TFM-25 amp.

The 1A fuse had blown, and the remaining fuses were not the recommend 5A rating. I properly replaced the 5A fuses, but since I did not have any large 1A fuses, I used an inline fuse holder from Radio Shack with a spare 1A GMA fuse.

I had planned to fix the power switch with a spare TFM-25 switch in my part bin. Unfortunately, the metal mounting plate did not match up. A suitable replacement was made out of perfboard and covered with super glue for rigidity.

The replacement switch mounted to the chassis. The back of the TFM-25 button had to be sanded to properly fit.

The previous owner did a bang-up job removing the lamp bulbs and damaged the left channel meter in the process. The meter wiring was also severed.

A replacement meter element was taken from TFM-25 parts. The needle was cut to size.

The meters working, before calibration. The newly replaced meter had some lag to it, but this was fixed using the variable resistor on the meter drive PCB (the same one I fixed before!)

The finished amp, looking and working as good as new!


Carver TFM-15CB $111.00
Solder/wick $5.00
Carver parts FREE
Fuses $3.00

Total $119.00