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Carver TFM-15 Amplifier

The TFM-15, opened up and connected to my audio equipment

A close up shot with the cover off

The amplifier sports two analogue VU meters to show activity on each channel

The TFM-15 delivers 100W x 2 at 8ohms and 140W x 2 at 4ohms

A shot from the top. The transformer is on the upper left, power diodes and fuses on the lower left, and the remaining circuitry on the right

The amplifier was purchased broken. It drew power, but it would not clear the relay or output sound. All board components were tested with a multimeter, and all output transistors were de-soldered and tested. After re-soldering the output transistors and cleaning circuit board traces with alcohol and an exacto-knife, the amplifier was working as good as new!

The metal cover was polished thoroughly with Brasso. Unfortunately, it was unable to remove the scratches present from the previous owner. When I get a chance, I will try using an automotive rubbing compound instead

The finished restoration


Carver TFM-15 $25.00
Canned air $5.00
Solder $2.00

Total $32.00