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iPod Boombox

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A vintage Lasonic 1985 Ghettoblaster, to be modified for iPod playback

The unit runs on 10 D-cell batteries and can also be powered using the included AC cord or optional car kit adapter

The power label

The boombox opened up

The boombox lied on its side for work

A close-up shot of the upper half

Each channel has its own large woofer and tweeter

First modification: audio leads for the iPod are soldered to the line-in jacks internally

The audio wire is wrapped around metal rings to reduce the effects of EMI

The audio cables are sealed in place with silicone caulk

The PC boards around the right knob panel are removed for the second modification

Second modification: a section of the right knob panel is Dremeled out to accommodate an iPod remote. The remote has been sanded/disassembled to allow it to fit

The remote installed in the panel

The panel with the decal replaced

Third modification: the cassette deck is hacked up with pliers and the Dremel

Grooves are sanded into the sides of the cassette tray to hold the iPod in place. The audio cable from the remote is snaked through

The boombox is ready to be sealed up

The boombox is cleaned up with protecting solution by yours truly

The left control panel. The switches on this side were re-attached with hot glue since they had been broken off over time

The center panel, with 5-band EQ and slide-in tape deck. This tape deck did not work when I bought the boombox

The right control panel, including the iPod remote. The previous owner not only broke the ALC switch, but stuffed a handful of coins into the slot. These had to be removed and the switch re-attached with epoxy adhesive

The modified tape deck

The tape deck opened. The remote cable is easily attached, and the iPod is held securely in place

The tape deck before it is closed

The cassette bay sealed up. The iPod is centered nicely in the window, and the display is easy to read.

Testing the boombox with some good dance music...

The finished product. A true marriage of nostalgic design and hi-tech innovation


Ghettoblaster $10.00
iPod Remote $8.00
Headphone cabling $3.00
10 D-cell batteries $13.50
Caulk/hot glue/epoxy $5.00

Total $39.00