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Eibach / Bilstein
Suspension Upgrade

One of my biggest criticisms for the GL-trim Passat is how high the stock suspension rides. It makes the car float at high speeds, there is significant body roll when taking sharp turns, and the front end pitches excessively when launching & braking. My goal for upgrading the suspension was to lower the car to a more natural, aggressive stance while improving handling, braking, and launching.

To get the job done, I enlisted the help of my friend Hardy who runs Anders Automotive in Kansas City. I sourced a set of Bilstein B8 Sport Shocks and Eibach Pro Kit Springs from Import Replacement Parts, and we installed them together in his auto shop. Although I didn't take a lot of photos during the install, we followed guides from and (here). This photo shows the front struts installed with the new shocks and springs.

A close-up picture of the front strut. The Eibachs drop the car by about 1.25" from the stock setup.

Here's a photo of the rear shocks and springs installed.

In this photo, you can see I cut the stock bump-stops by a little over 1" to account for the rear lowering springs.

A final shot of my car after the suspension upgrade. Not only does the Passat look boss with a lowered stance, but the shocks/springs combination also makes a dramatic improvement in drivability. When launching the car, the front end does not lift up as it used to, and neither does it slam the ground anymore when braking hard. I can also rocket around sharp turns & on-ramps without loss of traction. Surprisingly, the Bilsteins and Eibach Pros did not roughen the ride significantly, so the car still remains very comfortable when driving around town!


2x Bilstein B8 front sport shocks $240.00
2x Bilstein B8 rear sport shocks $210.00
Eibach Pro Kit springs $238.00

Total $688.00