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Thor Skidplate Upgrade

One of the issues plaguing 1.8T cars (especially the lowered ones like mine) is the low belly pan. This puts the engine at serious risk for damage when going over road obstacles like curbs and speedbumps. Fortunately, companies like Evolution Import make reinforced, all-aluminum skidplates to replace the flimsy, plastic stock one. This photo shows the Thor skidplate and mounting hardware, ready for installation.

Underneath the car, the new skidplate mounts under the engine and transmission. Two holes in the subframe are used as new anchor locations for the 5-point mounting system.

Rivet nuts are used to create new mounting locations in the subframe. The bolts are coated in silicone grease for installing the rivet nuts using the supplied tool.

This photo shows the subframe with rivet nuts installed.

After removing the existing clips, new speed clips are attached onto the plastic underbody.

On the skidplate, two bolts are inserted along with plastic spacers to facilitate cooling around the transmission.

The skidplate installs to the mounting points with ease. Be sure to apply a liberal amount of anti-seize to the bolts and bumper nut. Now the engine is protected for whatever the road throws at it!


Evolution Import Thor Skidplate $249.00
Silicon grease FREE
Anti-sieze FREE

Total $249.00