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K&N Air Filter Upgrade

Upgrading the light on my car was a good opportunity to replace my stock air filter. This filter goes between the intake and engine to remove dirt and sediment before combustion. It is located inside the airbox below the air intake snorkel.

With the snorkel off, you have access to two of clips on the left of the airbox. This is also a good opportunity to remove any large objects (like leaves) that have been caught in the snow guard filter! Canned air does a good job cleaning it out.

The other two airbox clips are located underneath the metal heat shield. Once all four clips are exposed, open them.

With the clips off, the top of the airbox can be cracked open. This leaves just enough room to slip out the old air filter.

The stock air filter (left) is quite different from the new K&N filter (right). Instead of using paper, the K&N filter is an oil-impregnated polymer that captures dirt while improving airflow. Installing the new filter didn't substantially alter the way my car performs, but it did improve throttle response slightly. With further performance modifications (ECU, exhaust, etc), having a high-flow air filter will remove some of the bottlenecks in the intake system.


K&N air filter (#3435) $39.26

Total $39.26