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Dynamat Installation

I had some extra sound deadener material from my boombox reinforcement project here, so I decided to put it to good use in my car. The goal was to reduce the rattling from the front and rear door panels caused by the stock speakers.

I found a great guide here for removing the front door panels. Note that the driver and passenger doors are slightly different.

I was able to find a similar guide for the rear doors here on PassatWorld.

Once all the door panels were removed, I placed large sections of Damplifier on areas of the plastic that had a tendency to flex. Most of it was located nearest to the speaker grill.

The remainder of the Damplifier was put on the metal panels inside the door.

It turns out that some of my sound quality issues were the result of damaged rear speakers; the foam surround had separated from the paper cone. This needed to be repaired.

Fabric glue works remarkably well for fixing damaged surrounds since it remains flexible when cured. Aleene's Tacky Glue is a good choice.

The glue is applied around the surround and onto the cone in a thin layer. Make sure there are no air gaps!

The glue dries clear; excess glue that drips to the bottom can be removed with an Exacto knife.

One the glue is dried, the door panels can be reinstalled. After testing the stereo, it was very clear that the damaged speakers were no longer producing distorted sound as a result of the repair. Also, there was less rattle inside the cabin from speaker-induced vibrations.


4x sheets of SecondSkin Damplifier $30.00
Aleene's Tacky Glue $2.99

Total $32.99