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A.W.E. Diverter Valve Upgrade

After completing the exhaust upgrade and ECU tune, a recommended preventative maintenance step is to upgrade the stock diverter valve. Fortunately, A.W.E. Tuning sells a re-engineered diverter valve here that is well priced and built to handle the extra stress of performance upgrades. The front end of the car needed to be jacked up for the installation.

The stock diverter valve can be accessed from underneath the skidplate.

With the skidplate off, we can yank the old valve.

The stock diverter valve, shown at the center of this picture, is near the secondary air pump. It has a vacuum line at the top and inlet/outlet hoses on the side and bottom. Carefully disconnect the line & hoses and remove the stock diverter valve from the car.

The A.W.E. DV1 diverter valve (left) compared to the old one (right). The new aluminum part is of much higher build quality than the plastic valve it's replacing.

A photo from another angle. The A.W.E. diverter kit came with adjustable hose clamps & a zip tie for securing it in the car.

The new diverter valve is installed in the exact same location as the old one. It is easiest to connect the vacuum line first (the thin hose that slides over the nipple).

The remaining two hoses can be connected next. Everything is secured with hose clamps, and the skidplate can be reattached.

Starting the car reveals no problems with the new diverter valve installed. Hopefully it will bring me many miles of maintenance-free operation!


A.W.E. DV1 diverter valve $125.00

Total $125.00