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Removing the factory badges from the back of your car is a spectacularly easy modification that barely needs mention. Start by cleaning the area around the badge you'd like to remove with some water and soap.

The tools you'll need should be readily available: a hair dryer, fishing line, and Goo Gone.

Heat the badge evenly using the hairdryer, and then pull the fishing wire underneath & across the badge. It's easiest to this step on a hot day with the car parked outside, and the letters from the badge will practically pop off.

Next, soak the remaining glue with Goo Gone. Let it sit for a few minutes as the solution works its magic.

Finally, clean off the remaining glue with a rag and scrub the area again with Goo Gone to make sure all the glue is gone. Wash with soap & water and enjoy!


Fishing Line $5.00
Goo Gone $6.00

Total $11.00