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Optima Battery Upgrade

My stock VW battery quit on me during a cold Pennsylvania winter, so I upgraded to a Optima yellow-top. However, my mounting system was a mediocure array of zip-ties that ended up breaking over time. This left my battery sliding in the engine bay when turning agressivly; not exactly a good thing.

I read a fantastic write-up on AudiWorld that explained how to securely mount an Optima-style battery. It involves removing the battery holder shown here.

Using a pair of vice-grips, I bent the right side of the battery holder to serve as an anchor point for the Optima.

Here's how the batter looks against the right side.

On the left of the holder, there is a plate that crews down to anchor the battery.

I found an old and very colorful luggage strap around the house and used it to keep the battery firmly attached to the holder.

The battery holder is bolted back in-place with the baggage strap around it.

Finally, the Optima is reinstalled and fastened down. Now, there is no battery wobble or lift in the engine bay!


Optima Yellow-Top battery (D35) $199.00
Luggage strap FREE

Total $199.99